J. Eric Markey, CPA is your business, trust and individual tax and accounting solution serving The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, and Houston areas of Texas. I've been in business for myself since 2009, but have worked for other local CPA firms for 15 years. I work from home, so my overhead is low and thus pass that savings on to you, my clients!

Call or email me to set up an appointment and I'll be happy to meet you at my house, your house or place of business or the local Starbucks!

I am committed to providing the best experience you can find anywhere! See below to hear what my existing clients have to say about me.

Client Testimonials

Over ten years ago during the first few years of my retirement from a major multinational corporation and faced with an extremely complicated income tax situation which had significant financial consequences, I interviewed several of the local leading CPA firms. I made a good choice and the firm I chose assigned Eric Markey to my case. During those early years, Eric help me sort out a number of complicated tax issues such as the handling of foreign source income, when and how to execute stock options and other investments. When Eric left the CPA firm for greener pastures, I made another good decision and moved on with him. Over the years since to this day, Eric has not only handled my federal and multi-state income tax returns but also provided invaluable advice on how to handle my finances and tax planning. This advice has saved me significant tax payments over the years. Eric is an extremely capable and knowledgeable CPA professional. He is a pleasant person to deal with and is prompt in his advice and return preparation. I would highly recommend Eric Markey, CPA.

Andrew S.

When I expanded my business from local to statewide, I ran into many tax issues with contract employment. Eric answered all my questions but after speaking with him, I felt more comfortable in letting him handle my return completely. He maintained a high level of professionalism while “fixing” my mistakes and was even able to find me a small return as opposed to the $8K I was planning to pay! Thank you Eric, I will be calling you again next year

Thomas W.

I was afraid of what the IRS was going to do with my tax situation, but Eric's confidence made me feel much better. He handled my innocent spouse issue and got me caught up with 3 years of taxes, and I couldn't have been happier! I've sent many clients to him over the years!

Barbara J.

After several years of searching for someone I could feel comfortable with doing my taxes, I was finally introduced to Eric Markey. Eric is very knowledgeable of the tax code. Anything he does not know the answer to immediately, he will quickly research and get back with you. Obstacles that, to some, seem to be a "road-block," Eric sees as a challenge. He also pays great attention to detail, which makes him very good at what he does. Not only did he do an excellent job on my current year's taxes, but in looking over my taxes for the previous year, he readily found several errors and/or miscalculations, which once re-calculated, resulted in an additional refund of $1,100.00 (over and above what was calculated by another tax office). Any questions and/or messages left were always responded to promptly. The "actual" turn-a-round time was even faster than what had been promised. On a more personal note, Eric is an outgoing and honest individual with a remarkable personality. He will go out of his way to accommodate his clients. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Eric, and I hope he is in the business for many years to come. I feel that I have finally found just the right person for the job, and it is with great confidence that I recommend Eric Markey to anyone looking for a true professional to handle their tax matters!!

Marian M.

NOTE: Refunds or tax due vary based on individual client's situations. The testimonials above are not a guarantee that I can find mistakes and a refund of tax on your tax return. The mistakes I find stem from the prior preparer not utilizing a deduction, misplacing amounts into the wrong section of the return, and/or not asking the right questions of the client.